Bahasa Inggris Buku Siswa

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CHAPTER 1:Talking about Self

CHAPTER 2:Congrulating and Complimenting Others

CHAPTER 3:Expressing Intention  

CHAPTER 4: Which One is Your Best Getaway? 

CHAPTER 5:Let’s Visit Niagara Falls 

CHAPTER 6: Giving Announcement

CHAPTER 7: The Wright Brothers

CHAPTER 8: My Idol 

CHAPTER 9:The Battle of Surabaya 

CHAPTER 10:B.J. Habibie 

CHAPTER 11:Cut Nyak Dien 

CHAPTER 12: Issumboshi 

CHAPTER 13:Malin Kundang 

CHAPTER 14: Strong Wind 

CHAPTER 15: You’ve Got a Friend



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